ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker
  • ProQ GFC 2150 - Commercial BBQ Smoker

The ProQ GFCᅠ2150 may be our smallest Commercial BBQᅠSmoker, but it shouldnメt be underestimated. Itメs still a big boy!

The ProQ GFC 2150 is the baby of our gravity feeds, but that doesn't make it a small piece of kit. Weighing in at 310KG, and measuring 1.6m long, it's not little. With a capacity for 36 racks of baby back ribs, or around 10 pork shoulders, this little GFC packs a punch!

This Commercial BBQ smoker comes with a hopper capacity of 10 - 12 kg of lumpwood charcoal and with 2ヤ thick insulation all around, ensuring that this unit can run for a full 28 hours at 225F/110C on one full load of lumpwood charcoal. Each smoker has the capacity for 9 grill grates (5 provided), giving you the space and flexibility to suit your needs.

Charcoal and real chunks of wood are the only way to get the authentic flavours that real BBQ needs. With electric or gas smokers thereメs no smoke ring, no bark and very little smoke flavour. With the precise temperature control and consistency on our Gravity Feed BBQ Smokers you can produce a better product with the same reliability.

The door on each smoker is fully insulated, and fitted with heavy duty slam latches, which are fully adjustable to keep the heat in as the seal wears over time (the seal is also easily replaceable). Large, heavy duty wheels and tie down rings also make the units easy to move around and transport when needed.

A few smaller touches which make using these smokers a dream to use are:

  • the built-in bottle opener (beer and BBQ go hand in hand),
  • the extremely handy probe hole, big enough to fit any amount (probably) of probes you may need,
  • the massive analogue thermometer, and
  • the foldable table, which doubles as a ᄑ Gastro holder for mopping or just storing your thermometer in a dry place.

A ball valve air control allows you to ムset and forgetメ making this GF unit extremely fuel efficient and when the charcoal burns out, you can add more without having to open the cooking chamber.

The other thing we need to mention when talking about the ProQ Cabinet Smokers is quality.

These weighty units are built to last and our superior and exacting finish is something we take pride in, making sure every model is up to a high standard. We tried several gravity feeds from the USA, as research for the development of our own GF series and regardless of how they ran, the finish was always lacking. Welding splatter, ugly grinding marks and sharp edges ヨ these are all irritations of the past with the ProQ GFC series.

In some gravity feeds, the charcoal can stick halfway down the chute cutting off the fuel to your fire. This is called bridging. With the ProQ GFCs, our charcoal chutes are too wide for bridging to occur, plus it offers a much bigger capacity for charcoal than seen on most other units.


All of the components inside the cooking chamber and charcoal chute are removable (including the baffle, fire grate, and ash/wood pan) making this one of the easiest to clean smokers on the market, and with the water and drip pans made to standard Gastronorm sizes, theyメre easily replaced too.

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Assembled Dimensions: 1330 x 830 x 1650mm

  • Weight: 310KG
  • Shipping Weight: 340KG
  • Box Dimensions: 1330 x 920 x 1830mm
  • Materials: Mild Steel

Cooking Chamber

  • Dimensions: 575 x 395 x 545mm
  • Volume (Litres): 124
  • Weight: 25-30KG

Cooking Capacity

  • St Louis Ribs: 5-6
  • Briskets: 5
  • Pork Butts: 6-7
  • Chicken Legs: 60+


  • Size: 550 x 390mm
  • Provided: 5
  • Possible: 10

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